When people ask me what I do for a living, I say, "I'm in Radio, I host a morning talk program".....Then they ask, "What's it about?".......I say, "Bacon and elevators."

This video is a parody commercial for “EveRy University” and it’s pretty darn funny.
Robby Soave of The Daily Caller describes it this way.
    This hilarious video explains why college is so awful
    Do you want to go thousands of dollars into debt studying irrelevant subjects in order to have a chance to compete for a crappy job? Then college is the place for you!
    Just watch this hilarious video from YouTube star Ryan Higa first.
    Higa created an advertisement for a fake, entirely representative institution of higher learning: the aptly named “EveRy University.”



IN THE BOX.........Captain Rocco Montesano. The rest of the people I've asked haven't responded. 


Have you heard about the new ailment called “tech neck”? It can result in wrinkles on the necks of people who check their mobile devices too frequently. As opposed to the whiplash that people get when they look away in horror after realizing they have gotten a text from Anthony Weiner.

 Attorney General Eric Holder has been hospitalized with symptoms of what could be a heart attack, or a panic attack. Stress is a killer and the whole nation is under stress right now, and that's a thought I may consider and flesh out later, but for now, let's whisper up a prayer for his good. I know, it's not always easy.......Wait, Eric Holder is passionate on the idea that felons should have their right to vote restored. The fact that most of those felons are inclined to vote Democratic has nothing to do with his crusade........never mind.......




"There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal." - Friedrich Hayek

Harry Reid and other Democrats are trying to claim that all stories about people suffering due to Obamacare are.......just bogus creations of the Koch brothers. And, and one Democrat who voted for the bill is trying to get the FCC to stop the  ads from being run against him.

Have you seen the guy on the corner of Airline and SPID holding the sign, "Please Help God Bless"? I drove by him with my own sign...

Would You Like Fries And An ObamaCare Surcharge With That Cheeseburger?


Just the beginning, folks, just the beginning From the “You Knew it Was Bound to Happen” department: Restaurants in a Florida chain are passing along the costs of ObamaCare to their customers, via a one percent “ACA surcharge.”


Without A Shred Of Evidence, Moonbat Barbara Boxer Says Keystone Pipeline Would Cause Cancer And Heart Disease...

Honestly, these people just make up stuff as they go California Senator Barbara Boxer has come up with yet another reason to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. According to the senator, the pipeline would lead to increased serious illness…

And now, for something totally Monty Pythonish....

What goes through their minds when they come up with these foolish ways to advertise Obamacare?  Just what the hell is this supposed to accomplish? (below)

Anyone?? Much embarrass. So incompetence. Smell backlash.,


   SMART DIPLOMACY?  The Catastrophe in Syria....

This looks like, no, it looks worse than a scene from a movie about the end of the world.

The NFL steps into the Politically Correct ring....Sticks and stones can indeed break my bones, but names can scar me for life, or get me a 15 yard penalty in the NFL. Is that how the new version of the old saying goes?
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be called a name then be hit with a stick.

Not long after Barack Obama assumed his presidential throne, he began tailoring the US military to his liking.  Once known for very conservative values; Obama began to permeate the military with his liberal ideology.  The military support for traditional family values was tossed out of the foxhole when Obama repealed the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy and allowed gays to openly serve in the military.

President Barack Obama has continually cut and whittled away at the size and strength of our military.  He’s cut the number of missiles, ships, planes, tanks and troops.  He’s cut some of their educational benefits and training.  The only thing Obama has increased for the military other than the number of gays serving is to extend benefits to the un-wed same-sex partners of active military personnel, but in typical discriminatory hypocrisy, benefits are not extended to the un-wed heterosexual partners of active military personnel.


 Kerry Kennedy may agree to a plea deal over driving while drugged charges stemming from a 2012 accident so she can continue her extensive human rights work.
Kennedy, 54, is afraid a conviction would bring with it restrictions that would curtail her international travels – she has visited several dozen countries on humanitarian missions............Must run in the family.


A new federal study finds a significant drop in obesity in children between the ages of two and five.

If you like your healthier body, you can keep it.

The Obama White House was quick to hail the improved obesity findings as tied to the boss's wife, Michelle Obama's Let's Move!  Wait, did I hear someone call BS on that?  Good, you beat me to it.