This morning I was talking to City Councilman Mark Scott about spending taxpayer's something really nice.

A tribute to former County Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria. Art work. Read on...

Commissioners Court - Regular 4. C. 1.
Meeting Date: 02/26/2014

Receive a presentation on the Artwork and Plaque; Authorize a purchase with The Leija Group to design and place a dedication art and plaque.
Submitted By: Elsa Saenz, Purchasing Department 

Department: Purchasing Department Information

Receive a presentation by The Leija Group to design and place dedication artwork and a plaque in the Keach Family Library honoring former County Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria; authorize the purchase for the artwork
and plaque.

Purchase is in the amount of $25,000.
Leija Group quote







  IN THE BOX...........City Councilman Mark Scott and Police Chief Floyd Simpson.

  Last month City Manager Ron Olson was in the box to explain what was going on with the new City Attorney, who became the not new City Attorney. We gave her $20,000.00 to go away, or say she no longer wanted the job.

  Mr. Olson also told us that the City of Corpus Christi starts the budget cycle about 6 Million Dollars in the hole. Unfunded pensions and unexpected expences put us in the red. 

 Fear not, money saving practices are being put in place. Council will hear the first reading on a plan that will save about $600 thousand a year.  They will vote to spend $14 Million to do that.

Here is the agenda Item:

17. 14-00208 First Reading Ordinance - Contract amendment no. 2 for energy performance contract for Energy Efficiency Conservation Retrofit for Major City Facilities Project, Phase 2 Ordinance appropriating $32,326.50 from AEP Program Incentives in the No. 3160 City Hall CIP Fund for the Energy Efficiency Conservation Retrofit for Major City Facilities Project; changing the FY 2014 Capital Improvement Budget adopted by Ordinance No. 029916 to increase revenues and expenditures by $4,982,326.50 each; and authorizing the City Manager, or designee, to execute Amendment No. 2 to the Fixed Price Energy Performance Contract with McKinstry Essention of Seattle, Washington for Energy Efficiency Conservation Retrofit for Major City Facilities, Phase 2 in the amount of $7,709,592, for a total re-stated fee of $14,724,124.28.
 Probably the first thing that jumps out at you is McKinstry Essention is not a local company.  Once again they are using out of town contractors. We don't have any local companies that can do this?  Since this is Phase 2, did the original project save $$$?  How?  Were the savings certified by anyone other than McKinstry?