IN THE BOX......City Councilman Mark Scott and CCPD Chief Floyd Simpson.

 The Hooks roster looks to be set. Meet and greet was yesterday at Whataburger Field, we are ready for the Tulsa Drillers April the 10th.

A Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards, apparently hit a suicide bomber’s trigger switch from 930 yards, causing an explosion that killed him and five of his fellow terrorists.

“Lt Col Richard Slack, commanding officer of 9/12 Royal Lancers, said the unnamed sharpshooter prevented a major attack by the Taliban, as a second suicide vest packed with 20kg (44lbs) of explosives was found nearby,” the report states.

The impressive feat occurred in December, but the details only recently have been revealed. There were reportedly several hundred British and Afghan soldiers conducting an operation when they took on as many as 20 insurgents.

The following ten cities have a great deal in common. The first thing is their poverty level........

Detroit, Michigan – 36.4
Cleveland, Ohio – 35.0
Buffalo, New York – 28.8
Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 27.0
St. Louis, Missouri – 26.7
Miami, Florida – 26.5
Memphis, Tennessee – 26.2
Cincinnati, Ohio – 25.7
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 25.0
Newark, New Jersey – 23.9

The second is that they mostly have been governed by Democrats over the years.

May I see the hands of those of you who think it' a good idea to "turn Texas Blue? 

Given that track record, why would anyone think it's a good idea?

“Milwaukee emerged as America's fourth-most impoverished big city in 2009, as the Great Recession rippled across the city and state, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures released” in September 2010.

“Milwaukee's poverty rate reached 27%, up from 23.4% in the previous year. Only Detroit (36.4%), Cleveland (35%) and Buffalo (28.8%) had higher poverty rates among cities with populations greater than 250,000. Milwaukee was ranked 11th in 2008.

In 2010, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat who was running for governor at the time, “said the poverty numbers ‘are unacceptable and should be of concern to everyone in the community and the state.’” The poverty rate may be unacceptable, but the only proposed solution was more taxing and spending.

At that time, Scott Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive and said that it was the “anti-business” policies of Democrats Barrett and then sitting governor Jim Doyle that directly affected “the poverty levels in Milwaukee and cities across our state.” What’s true for Wisconsin is true for cities and states across the country.

Walker became governor of Wisconsin in January 2011 and worked diligently to bring fiscal sanity to the state. The Democrats fought him all the way. They even tried to recall him when he tried to trim some union benefits.

Not long ago, Walter Williams had a piece that stated,  if all the money spent on welfare was added up and then divided by the number of people on welfare, a family of four would receive around $40,000 per year. At that time, $40,000 was a very respectable income.

Why would someone on welfare want to get off welfare if a non-welfare income is less than what they are getting free and clear with no taxes and little or no work?

Why would a political party like the Democrats want to cut welfare spending when they know that it pays off politically for them by keeping them in power?

The Cato Institute released an updated 2013 study (original study in 1955) showing that welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job in 33 states and the District of Columbia. Even worse, welfare pays more than $15 per hour in 13 states.

According to the study, welfare benefits have increased faster than minimum wage.
It’s now more profitable to sit at home than it is to earn an honest day’s pay.
Hawaii is the biggest offender, where welfare recipients earn $29.13 per hour, or a $60,590 yearly salary, all for doing nothing.
Here is the list of the states where the pre-tax equivalent “salary” that welfare recipients receive is higher than having a job:
1. Hawaii: $60,590
2. District of Columbia: $50,820
3. Massachusetts: $50,540
4. Connecticut: $44,370
5. New York: $43,700
6. New Jersey: $43,450
7. Rhode Island: $43,330
8. Vermont: $42,350
9. New Hampshire: $39,750
10. Maryland: $38,160
11. California: $37,160
12. Oregon: $34,300
13. Wyoming: $32,620
14. Nevada: $29,820
15. Minnesota: $29,350
16. Delaware: $29,220
17. Washington: $28,840
18. North Dakota: $28,830
19. Pennsylvania: $28,670
20. New Mexico: $27,900
21. Montana: $26,930
22. South Dakota: $26,610
23. Kansas: $26,490
24. Michigan: $26,430
25. Alaska: $26,400
26. Ohio: $26,200
27. North Carolina: $25,760
28. West Virginia: $24,900
29. Alabama: $23,310
30. Indiana: $22,900
31. Missouri: $22,800
32. Oklahoma: $22,480
33. Louisiana: $22,250
34. South Carolina: $21,910

As a point of reference the average Middle Class annual income today is $50,000, down from $54,000 at the beginning of the Great Recession. Hawaii, DC, and Massachusetts pay more in welfare than the average working folks earn there.

Texas, is a whole nother story.

Texas has been rated the best state for business 9 consecutive years- CEO Magazine.

In 2012, Texas led the USA in exports for the 11th consecutive year with over 264.7 BILLION in exports. Texas Wide Open For Business.

With no corporate income tax and no individual income tax Texas has one of the lowest tax burdens in the county and ranks as a Top 10 Best State in the Tax Foundation's 2013 State Business Tzx.

Texas was the top state for job growth in 2012 with 337,500 NEW jobs.  US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Texas is home to the world's largest medical cente and the #1 hospital for cancer care.  US News & World Report Best Hospital Rankings.

Texas recently surpassed New York., becoming the nation's second largest economy.  USA Today (05/2011)

While the USA lost 2.1 Million private sector jobs of the last 5 years, Texas created, 494,000 Private sector jobs.  Office of the Governor 05/09/2013.

Now, will YOU vote to keep Texas RED?