IN THE BOX..........City Councilman Mark Scott and Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson.

Stripes building 7,000 sq foot store.

Over $50,000 siezed in Nueces County gambling raid.

A woman whose remains were found inside trash at a garbage collection business was "let down by the system meant to help her".  She'd been getting aid for 10 years.  Were they helping her........find a job?

Equal Pay for Equal Work. Milton Friedman debunked it over 40 years ago......


Harry Reid's great uncle Remus reportedly met his end on a gallows in Montana for horse theft and train robbery.

The Corpus Christi Crime Scene has been busy in the last 10 hours, a prostitute set up a man on North Beach after being picked up on Leopard and according to Channel 6 News, arrests in Nueces County for juveniles between the ages of 10 and 14 are more than double both the state and national rates.

Drug use, property crime and violent crime are not just a little bit above the State and National average they are WAY above. One of the Channel 6 Viewer stated she'd like to know the age of the parents. The Pdf file is here.

22 year old Bryan Stewart punched a CCPD officer Saturday night. He was arrested on suspicion of assault on a public servant, a first-degree felony. As of Sunday evening, he was in the Nueces County Jail with bail set at $5,000.

The year is 2000: It's April the 22nd. You still have cans of beans stockpiled and left over from Y2K. Your radio is blasting Faith Hill's "Breathe" or maybe "Smooth" by Santana.  As you settle down to watch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, there's a breaking news announcement... 

Elian Gonzalez—the 6-year-old Cuban boy rescued off the coast of Florida after the small boat he was traveling on with his mother went down, thus sparking an immigration battle between his family in Miami and his father back in Cuba—was taken at gunpoint and would be returned to Cuba.

Elian then........and now.

Do you think the Fast Food Industry is acting just like the Tobacco Industry did 30 years ago?  Some folks do and it's being touted that by 2050 1 out of 3 Americans will have diabetes. 


Sugar lights up the brain just like Cocaine or Heroin.

Each day, Donald Boudreaux, professor of economics at George Mason University, writes a letter to the editor of a major American publication.

Often, he writes in response to an absurdity offered up by a columnist or politician, or an eye-catching factoid misleadingly taken out of context. This collection, comprised of one hundred of Boudreaux's best letters, provides intelligent, witty rejoinders to questions like these:
-Are taxes ''really just prices''? (New York Times)
-Does the Tea Party suffer from a ''fatuous infatuation'' with the Constitution? (Washington Post)
-Is it ''obvious'' that ''if there are fewer guns, there are fewer shootings and fewer funerals'' (New Orleans Times-Picayune)  

-Did the Caller Times ever get a letter?  Does any newspaper in the country offer up more absurdity than Nick and Tom?  Link.

Most popular baseball team in Texas?


Media coverage of Syria and Ukraine is as bad as it was of the Iraq war … or worse.
The same knuckleheads in government and in media who are pushing the lies.
Former Associated Press and Newsweek reporter Robert Parry notes today that some of the core Iraq war lies, Syria lies and lies about Ukraine were all penned by New York Times reporter Michael Gordon:
    There is now a pattern to New York Times “investigative” stories that seek to pin the blame on some nefarious foreign enemy, as in the 2002 article on Iraq buying aluminum tubes for nuclear centrifuges; the 2013 “vector analysis” tracing sarin-laden rockets to a Syrian military base; and now a photographic analysis proving that Russian soldiers are behind unrest in  in eastern Ukraine.