100% of scientists agree that if man-made global warming were real, "the last people we'd want to help us is the Obama administration"...........

Can you explain this?

Maybe this is the answer.

IN THE BOX......State Rep. Todd Hunter, City Councilman Chad Magill and Doctor Keith Rose.......

At the City Council meeting yesterday..........annexation resolution passed, City hopes developers will take over Chapman Ranch Road, Sports Complex gets a time table.  Thanks to Channel 6.

Appeals Judge Nora "uncooperative" Longoria tried to avoid arrest Saturday night by flashing her badge and telling the police officer he "was ruining her life and career".  Geez if she had just been in a bathrobe she could have made the Mauriceo Cellis hall of ignominy........


     Bergdahl with a Taliban buddy, Commander Badruddin Haqqani.

Six weeks after Obama released five top terrorists in exchange for Bergdahl, the private (who is technically a sergeant, having been promoted in absentia during his five years with the Taliban) is resuming normal duty at Fort Sam Houston. He is not restricted in any way.

This video is about Chicago residents fed up with President Obama ignoring the black community and placing favor on illegal aliens at the southern border. One resident said, "Barack will go down as the worst president ever.




WASHINGTON — Democrats in Congress said Tuesday that they had developed legislation to override the Supreme Court decision on contraceptives. The bill would ensure that women had access to insurance coverage for birth control even if they worked for businesses that had religious objections.
The bill, put together in consultation with the Obama administration, would require for-profit corporations like Hobby Lobby Stores to provide and pay for contraceptive coverage, along with other preventive health services, under the Affordable Care Act.  read the rest


This bill even has a name:  The ‘Protect Women’s Health From Corporate Interference Act of 2014’ (S. 2578)


  if this is on the top of the list for our legislative body........... the ignorant voters who actually believe women are being denied health care is staggering in its stupidity. 

Now that we know that plants don’t like to be eaten, we can assume that they don’t like getting stabbed either. Fortunately Big Government is there to protect the rights of fruits and vegetables:

The Register Citizen of Torrington reports Carmine Cervellino of Thomaston was arraigned Monday on charges of threatening and disorderly conduct. He was released after posting a $500 bond.

Police say [an unnamed] woman had gone to police on July 4 to report finding drugs, including marijuana, in Cervellino’s tool box. He was not arrested.

They say she later returned home to find the watermelon on the counter with a butcher’s knife in it. She reported that Cervellino then entered the room and began carving the watermelon. She called the incident passive-aggressive and menacing.

Incidents like this are especially menacing for those who happen to be watermelons.