Doctor Keith Rose and City Councilman Chad Magill in the box.

Budget, infrastructure and the wind farm.  Public comment: some want the wind farm, some don't. One lady wanted the city and the wind farm to stay away.

Governor Perry gets fingerprinted and a mug shot.  Why do I think the Governor's "mug shot" will look like a campaign poster?  We'll talk with William Jacobson, Legal Insurrection, about his latest piece,  “Indictment of Rick Perry uniting unlikely allies against prosecutorial abuse”

e-mail from yesterday's show about the homeless and their feeding:

Lago, E-mail;

Unbeknownst to me, I attended one of the churches that I thought was taking the Gospel Message only to the streets of Corpus Christi. From previous visits a couple of months ago, this Taking it to the Streets ministry seemed like a good idea. After I gave an offering, I put the pieces together. Today, I learned that this was one of the churches that has been in the news and a sore subject for the police chief. Congregants are encouraged to come to the City Hall at 5:30pm Saturdays and help pass out food and bring non-perishable items like canned drinks and bottled water.


After the service, I approached the local congregation's pastor and asked him, "How about a ministry called, 'Taking It OFF The Streets'?" I continued, "It has been on the radio and on the local TV news that every Monday after the weekend of feeding people at City Hall, human feces has to be cleaned off the steps and elsewhere around there."


The pastor appeared genuinely surprised and admitted, "Oh... I haven't heard about that." I believe him. All phone listings go to a central office. I have tried to contact certain people and ask about certain songs, but I think my message has not been passed along by their main office because I never received a reply.


I continued to this young pastor, "I feel funny giving money to the church, and then turning around and paying taxes to have the mess cleaned up!" 

I was then assured I should keep giving to the church, that the money is put to good use and I do believe that it is, except in this instance where a mess is created, perhaps after everyone leaves. I just think this local church is not being communicated to and that a complete ministry would finish with a Taking It OFF The Streets plan. Lago, I am not sure how responsible the churches are for messes that are left, perhaps in the middle of the night, but I finished by telling him, "Well, NOW you know."

Thanks, Bruce


(photos courtesy of Captain Michael Alanis)