Driscoll Children’s Hospital ensures safety of patients, staff

Driscoll Children’s Hospital continues to ensure the safety of its patients and staff as the Texas Gulf Coast deals with the lingering presence of Hurricane Harvey.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital and its Emergency Department, South Texas’ first emergency room created specifically for pediatrics, remains open as the Coastal Bend deals with the aftermath of the storm.

The hospital has adequate food, water and other necessary supplies to take care of patients and staff until any and all threats from the storm have disappeared.

More than 350 physicians, nurses and support staff remain on-site, and there has been no negative impact on patient care during the storm. Fifty-two patients currently are at the hospital.

“We are so proud of the entire Disaster Preparedness Team for their outstanding planning and preparedness,” said Steve Woerner, President and CEO of Driscoll Health System. “I cannot express how impressed I am with the commitment and dedication of our physicians and staff during the storm.”

After the storm, an assessment was made of the hospital and its grounds, and only minimal damage of broken tree limbs and water leakage was found.

The hospital did not lose power at any point during the storm, and back-up generators to support hospital operations remain on stand-by, as needed. The hospital remains in full emergency response mode.

Elective surgeries for Monday, Aug. 28, and Tuesday, Aug. 29, have been postponed.

The hospital is following its Emergency Preparedness Guidelines and the Driscoll Children’s Hospital Disaster Leadership Team continues to meet and monitor the situation.

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