Mandatory prison or jail time for those looting, stealing, and burglarizing

Nueces County District Attorney Mark A. Gonzalez today announced that his office will seek prison or jail time in each and every forthcoming case where the defendant stands charged with theft (looting), burglary, robbery, or any similar crime committed during Hurricane Harvey, vowing to " everything in my power to hold [them] accountable." Probation will neither be offered nor agreed to by Mr. Gonzalez's office in any of these cases.

As Hurricane Harvey rages on, the safety and peace of mind of Nueces County's fine citizens is of paramount importance. Taking advantage of citizens' perceived vulnerability at this time is particularly heinous and inexcusable, and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Mr. Gonzalez and the entire District Attorney's Office staff implore citizens to continue heeding the counsel of the local, state, and federal authorities; to continue housing, feeding, and otherwise supporting each other throughout the continuation of the inclement weather; and to continue encouraging, supporting, and appreciating law enforcement and the brave first responders working around the clock to ensure our safety and security.