TXDot Crews out to assess damages, begin recovery process

The Texas Department of Public Safety is sending out 250-300 employees today to ride the roads, assess damages and check pavement to make sure that roads are safe for 1st responders.

According to TXDoT spokesperson Rickey Dailey, their biggest problem right now is downed power lines. TXDoT crews aren't trained to handle this. They are reporting downed lines to the DPS Disaster Center. DPS is coordinating repairs with AEP.

Right now:

HWY 188 between Sinton and Rockport is impassable due to standing water and abandoned RV's that are blocking the road

Interstate 37  at Navigation Blvd is closed on both sides due to collapsed road sign structure. TXDoT says it is passable through the frontage road, but they are advising drivers to avoid the area.

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