Odem curfew issued over looting concerns


A curfew issued in Odem was said to be due to reports of looting, according to officials.

Mayor Billy Huerta said that city police had responded to at least three separate calls from families reporting looters on their property. Officers responded to the calls but were not able to catch the suspects.

Huerta said that's why officials have put a curfew in place. Starting at 9 p.m. until 6 a.m., residents are ordered to remain indoors.

Odem saw a large portion of its residences stay in the area to ride out Hurricane Harvey. Huerta said the city was littered with debris after the storm and that numerous structures had been destroyed, among them the San Patricio County Garage.

Meanwhile, Odem receives its water from the San Patricio Municipal Water District. Saturday night, the Water District was reportedly unable to distribute water to the cities it serves due to equipment malfunctions, as we've reported. Like other cities affected, Odem has had to rely on water kept in storage tanks.

Officials advised that the city's water grid was still operational Saturday night, although residents were still without power.

Huerta advised residents to stay out of the city until power is restored.

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