Port Aransas: Harvey aftermath has forever scarred community

In a press conference today, Port Aransas Officials stated that the city has sustained significant and catastrophic damage as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Currently, the city has no power, no water and no telephone service. Crews are reporting hundreds of downed power lines throughout the city, and multiple, major gas leaks.

“The emotional toll of what’s happened to our friends and families is indescribable,” said Police Chief Scott Burroughs, as he choked back tears.

Every business in Port Aransas sustained some level of damage.

Port Aransas Mayor Charles Bujan says that the public is not allowed to return. Residents, however, will be allowed into the city under certain conditions.

Residents attempting to return to Port Aransas MUST:

  • Provide proof of a homesteaded residence in Port Aransas that can be verified through the Nueces County Tax Appraisal  Office
  • Provide a Driver’s License with a Port Aransas address. Residents will be required to surrender their driver’s license, and it will be returned upon leaving the city.
  • Bring their own food, water, tools and equipment for repairs.
  • Leave the city by 6 p.m.

There is currently a curfew in effect from sunset through sundown until further notice.

The city also advises that there is no number for the public to call to check the status of family members or conditions in the city.

Mayor Bujan said that as of now, there are no confirmed deaths in the city, and that the city’s mandatory evacuation likely saved many lives.

“OK, Harvey. You can batter our town,” said Bujan. “But you can’t have our people.

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