Rockport is getting the help they need


The devastation in Rockport can be seen for miles. Good news is help has arrived.  AEP crews are in town trying to restore power. National guard, DPS Troopers, and even the Redcross are trying to provide help. As the hardest part just begins for many. 

"I don't know. I just want them to be happy and start over and forget. I want to be done. I want this town to be back like it was. I grew up here," said Stacey Forbes a Rockport Resident.  Stacey Forbes and her two children rode out the storm at a family member's home in Rockport.Today she was finally able to come and check on her home.

"My house is gone. It's in half there is nothing. All my kid's stuff is gone everything is gone," said Forbes.    

Just like Stacey many others came back to find their homes destroyed. 

"We just have lots of work to do. thank god for the help," said Harold Ashley a Rockport resident.  

Among all the destruction you see generosity as stranger lend a helping hand.

"We just drove up and he was outside we stopped and talked just tried to help out," said Kasey Rosecrans a resident of Portland. 

Even crews willing to work around the clock just to help complete strangers. This electric crew drove 3 days to get to Rockport. They'll be working 16-hour shifts and sleeping in their trucks.

"Devastation, I haven't seen anything like this in a while," said electric worker Brandon from Kentucky. 

And while the cleanup process will be long, residents are staying strong for Rockport.     

"It's a blessing that they do that. people pull together in things like this especially in Texas and South Texas. Everyone pulls together as one big family," said Ashley. 

one fatality was reported. a total of 8 people were injured. Officials say all people have been accounted for. As of right now the message they want to give: Don't come back to  Rockport. They have no power, no water, no sewer. Just being in Rockport would only add to the problem.

As for those residents that stayed in Rockport, they are being bussed out to Austin  

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