Corpus Christi to allow emergency repairs without initial permits


The Development Services Department with the City of Corpus Christi has advised residents that they can make emergency storm repairs to protect their property without getting an initial permit and that some repairs do not require a permit.

In a press release, officials said that, for example, the repair of 100 square feet or less of shingles or roof covering, or erecting fences less than or equal to seven feet in height do not require a permit.

Other types of repairs will require a permit within five business days of starting repairs. Details include:

  • All persons obtaining permits must be city-recognized contractors, even if the owner is performing the work.
  • All out of town contractors are required to register with the city.
  • After construction (including emergency repairs), contractors must contact the Development Services department for inspections and approval.
  • All City inspectors will wear a City-isued identification badge
  • All repairs must comply with windstorm requirements

Repair issues related to City-owned utilities such as water, wastewater, storm water lines or manholes should be reported to the City at 361-826-2489 (CITY).

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