Corpus Christi to begin storm debris collection


On Thursday, August 31, contractors and city crews will take to the streets of Corpus Christi to begin clearing out storm debris left from Hurricane Harvey.

In a press release, City officials confirmed that Area 1A, which lies between Purdue Road and Yorktown Blvd., between Laguna Shores, Ennis Joslin and Padre Island would be among the first areas crews would arrive to begin the process of picking up storm debris. Area 7A, which includes areas between Ayers St. and Old Brownsville, Horne Road and Saratoga Blvd. are also included.

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Crews will sweep across the entire city section by section, with additional passes taking place as needed. To make sure debris from your property is removed, place it curbside. It must be separated into piles, including:

  • Heavy brush and vegetation, like leaves, logs, plants, trees and tree branches.
  • Other debris including building materials, drywall, carpet, furniture, lumber, mattresses, and plumbing.
  • Appliance, like refrigerators, freezers, etc.

Residents must place a work order for pickup of damaged appliances with the City's Call Center at 361-826-2489. Refrigerators and freezers are required to have all food items removed and to be secured or have their door removed to ensure the safety of children. Residents can also drop off damaged appliances at the J.C. Elliott Transfer Station with the same guidelines.

All residents are reminded not to block driveways, streets or storm drains with debris and to keep the area in front of debris clear for pickup. Crews will not be cutting down trees on private property. Trees must be cut up and placed on the curbside.

Household hazardous waste will not be picked up curbside.

Schedules remain unchanged for Labor Day at this time. Trash and recycling will be collected as normal.

For more information, contact the city's Solid Waste Services from 361-826-2489. For more info on Corpus Christi's recovery efforts, visit their website.

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