Residents in disaster zones are wondering where their mail is

As if they didn't have enough to worry about, some residents in the hardest hit areas of the coastal bend now have a new concern. Ths problem: some are on a fixed income and depend on checks they get in the mail.

"I had a lot of damage inside the house most of the ceiling came down," said Palmira Morgan, a resident of Aransas Pass. 

Palmira Morgan is just one of the hundreds of residents here in the Coastal Bend who are picking up the pieces of their home and lives. She's on disability and has a fixed income, so she depends on the U.S. Postal Service for her checks. 

"I lost my mailbox also," said Morgan. 

According to the Postal Service website, 20 post offices in South Texas have shut down completely because of the storm. 

"Me and my brother (sic) are living here and we are receiving disability checks. Which I hope we do get that money. Right now we are without anything, nothing at all. Just what we have on our body and clothes," said Morgan. 

There are many others in these communities who are also wondering where their mail is going? and when they can pick it up. 

"Well, I was just checking to see if the mail was put up. It's the first time I have been by there," said Steve Stephenson Aransas Pass resident. 

In the meantime, residents like Palmira are holding on to hope they're praying that they'll get those checks somehow so they can survive. 

"God is good and God will help us throughout all this." said Palmira. 

Friday is the first of the month and many of those people will be expecting their checks from the government. The Postal Service tells us they working on setting up locations where people can pick up their mail and as soon as they have that information, we'll have it online.

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