In Case You Missed It...

A brilliant Girl Scout set up shop in front of a pot dispensary in San Diego over the weekend. And for her efforts - the unnamed girl sold more than 300 boxes in six hours...and scored roughly $1,500.

“I think our customers loved it,” says Urbn Leaf’s Savannah Rakofsky. “They went out and bought boxes.” The best part? She's within the rules...well, mostly. She didn't set up a booth, and was using a wagon - which is good. But being outside of a dispensary? Yeah...they're not too thrilled. Spokeswoman for the unnamed girl's troop, Alison Bushan says it’s a “gray area.”

For the record, the rules vary by state on whether scouts can take advantage of legal weed stores. In 2014, Girl Scouts of Colorado made it clear it's not allowed - but for scouts in Oregon? Totally okay. Either way, the idea to sell in front of dispensaries seems to be catching on. “After the news story ran," Rakofsky adds. "We had more Girl Scouts show up.”