Barack is the......Next Pelosi.

At the beginning of every horror flick, there is a moment when you want to scream to the heroine: don't go in there.I wanted to shout the same thing to the 44th president when I read this headline, "Dems say Obama return from sidelines is overdue."

Greg Abbott@GregAbbott_TX

Barack Obama is messing with Texas elections. His network is taking aim at Texas’ hottest congressional races. We will send a message that Texas values are not up for grabs & we will #KeepTexasRed. #txlege #tcot #PJNET

"Obama for America organizers are heading to Houston and San Antonio to help flip key congressional seats from Republicans to Democrats," the Houston Chronicle reported.

"Former members of President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign have announced they are sending representatives to Houston and San Antonio as part of a nationwide effort to mobilize voters in key congressional races.

"It’s no surprise that yet another Democratic-leaning group has its sights set on the 7th Congressional District in Houston where U.S. Rep. John Culberson, R-Houston, is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the nation. Voters in that suburban Houston district supported Hillary Clinton for president over President Donald Trump in 2016."

Expect a backlash..........So far, Republicans have limited their attack ad photos to showing Democratic opponents with Nancy Pelosi, Hillary, or Chuck Schumer.

Obama thinks they cannot turn his name to mud -- as he goes to play in the dirt pile below the water tower.

I should scream don't go in there, but no, let's see how this flick turns out.


Read the article here.

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