Google's AI Mishap & the Fitbit Ace LTE

Rich discusses how Google’s new AI Overviews feature got out of control and how the company plans to improve it.

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Mark in Lomita asks about a dash cam under $200. Rich mentioned Nexar, Vantrue & VAVA.

The FBI helped to take down a major international botnet. Here’s how to check if your computer had malicious VPN software installed.

John in Fallbrook has an Arlo Pro camera that won’t connect to his WiFi.

Terysa in Harrisburg, PA asks how password managers work.

Fran in Studio City has questions about a new TV.

Google has unveiled a smartwatch for kids called the Fitbit ACE LTE. The one thing to know is that the smartwatch is cellular connected but not assigned a traditional phone number. All calls and messaging are handled through the Fitbit app.

Amazon partners with Grubhub to give Prime members free Grubhub+ indefinitely, and you can now place orders through the Amazon app.

Dan in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA needs to change his passwords. Rich recommends using the Google Password Manager on Chrome and iPhone.

JP Schmetz, CEO of Ghostery, digital privacy expert and advocate, will discuss tools, browsers, AI privacy, and legislation like the American Privacy Rights Act.

“Granny” wants to know the best antivirus software for her Windows computer.

Android devices are being enrolled in Google’s new Find My Device network. Here’s the opt-out page.

Ed in Las Vegas wants to know if there’s a difference between Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited.

Anil Sabharwal of Google Fitbit will discuss the company’s new connected smartwatch for kids, the FitBit Ace LTE.

You can now find games to play on YouTube.

Philo now offers a free level of its streaming service with 70+ ad-supported channels; no credit card is required.

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