The Left’s Mission Is to Destroy Lives

RUSH: In remarks to reporters yesterday, Trump pointed out that the New York Times' latest hit job is an attempt to destroy Kavanaugh's life, which is true -- and Trump's, too, I guess we could add. We pounded yesterday that the goal isn't just to destroy Kavanaugh. The Drive-By Media -- the Democrats and the Democrats in the media -- are doing a bunch of things with this hit job on Kavanaugh. They're warning other conservative judges, "Don't take it. If Trump calls and nominates you for either Supreme Court, a district court, or appellate court position, don't take it, because look what we're gonna do to you.

"We're gonna turn your life upside down. We're gonna make false allegations about your sex life. We're gonna bring women that you don't even remember having met out of the rafters, and they're gonna say all kinds of horrible things about you." But it's not gonna stop there. In addition to warning off any future Republican judge about taking an appointment, they are going to find a way to taint every ruling that Kavanaugh participates in. Kavanaugh is thought to be part of the conservative majority on the court.

So any time there's a conservative majority ruling that Kavanaugh joins, they can now -- throughout the media -- include the fact, "Brett Kavanaugh, who voted with the majority, is a reputed sex offender and rapist who has been accused by..." Well, that's all they have to do: Just include that allegation. It doesn't have to have been true. The way journalism works is if anybody accuses you of it, and then somebody in journalism prints the allegation, then it's in the record forever. The fact that it's not true is irrelevant.

The reference will not say that it's true. "Brett Kavanaugh participated with the majority in the 5-4 decision. Kavanaugh, who has been accused of rape and who has been accused of throwing his manhood in the face of women at frat parties..." That's how it'll happen. And then the third attempt here is to intimidate Kavanaugh into not ruling in ways that would result in this kind of treatment. So this is dastardly, devious stuff. Folks, these people on the left here, there is literally nothing about them that we would want to compromise with, that we would want to accept or come to some kind of agreement with.

These people have to be regularly and roundly defeated in a political sense at every opportunity. There is no crossing the aisle and shaking their hands. There's none. None of that. Trump is right when he says, you know, how can they do a thing like this to destroy somebody's life? I mean, they are destroying lives. The New York Times is destroying lives with fake news, and it's indisputable. So here's some addenda to the story now.

The Squad can always be counted on to do the Democrats' dirtiest work. Ayanna Pressley is gonna introduce a House resolution today calling for an impeachment inquiry into Kavanaugh because of this New York Times piece. You're saying, "But wait! But wait! Hasn't that piece been debunked?" That doesn't matter! Again, it's not journalism! The New York Times is not doing journalism. Nobody's reacting to journalism. This is political activism. I mean, this is so hard. It's so hard to get people to not look at news organizations as purveys of news.

It's so hard to get people to see it. The New York Times may as well be a PAC, folks. They may as well be a Democrat political action committee, a political consultancy group. They literally run the Democrat Party, they and their other media cohorts. "Ayanna Pressley plans to a introduce House resolution calling for an impeachment inquiry of Kavanaugh in the wake of the New York Times story that detailed an allegation of sexual impropriety when he was in college" that nobody can remember actually having happened or that hasn't happened.

"Pressley plans to introduce a proposal that would allow a committee to take affidavits and depositions and issue subpoenas in connection with an impeachment inquiry of Kavanaugh. Pressley said in a statement yesterday, 'I believe Christine Blasey Ford.'" There is no reason to believe Christine Blasey Ford. She has yet to have any aspect of her story confirmed. But then again, see, it doesn't matter. The nature of the evidence doesn't matter. It's the seriousness of the charge. The charge is what enables the Times to keep recycling it.

And then up next, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of The Squad "claimed Monday morning that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath during his confirmation process and 'must be impeached,' long after this weekend’s allegation against the Supreme Court Justice was debunked and the New York Times was forced to correct its reporting." This ought to be all the evidence anybody needs. The story's been debunked! The Times has admitted that the woman involved has no recollection, and yet all these Democrats are acting like it's true, demanding that Kavanaugh be impeached.

What about the truth?

What about the facts?

They're not relevant, folks. The charge, the allegation is all that matters. That's the ammo. That's all they need. They don't care whether any of this is true, and they don't care that they're destroying a man and his career and his life, his future, and his family. They don't care a whit. "But, Rush! But, Rush! These are the people that claim to have all the compassion and all the tolerance and understanding." Don't buy it. There's no compassion in these people. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Mazie Hirono? These people don't have compassion.

These people are just obsessed with pure, raw hatred. That's all they've got. The Democrat Party is the biggest hate group in this country. Ilhan Omar weighed in. “Impeaching Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh is our constitutional duty,” says Ilhan Omar. So you have all these Democrats demanding that the House begin impeachment hearings on Kavanaugh and riding to the rescue Jerry Nadler who said: We don't have time. We have our hands full with the Trump impeachment.

“Nadler said that the Judiciary Committee will question the FBI director, ‘and then we’ll make other determinations. Frankly, we are concentrating our resources on determining whether to impeach the president. Personally, I think the president ought to be impeached, but we have to concentrate on that for the next few months.’” I don't have time for this other thing.

It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. The way they strategize these things, whether there's an actual impeachment hearing of Trump or of Kavanaugh is not the point. The fact that they get to go in the media every day and demand one, then the media gets to report that they're demanding it, and then they get to repeat the process. And then this whole new narrative is created that Kavanaugh needs to be impeached, which leads Democrat donors and supports, “Well, then why isn't it happening?”

And then the Democrats and the media get to come along and blame the Republicans. Not the New York Times, not themselves, not Jerry Nadler. So it's all part of an ongoing strategy that has been played out many times in the past just on different people.

You might say, "But, Rush, why can't they let it go? Kavanaugh won, he's on the court, he got confirmed. And, you know what? Kavanaugh has even, in a couple of rulings, I can't remember which ones they are, but in a couple of rulings Kavanaugh sided with the libs on the court. And at the time he did, there were people speculating that maybe all of the attacks on Kavanaugh had worked and he was trying to send a signal to all of his critics, “Hey, don't worry, I'm good, I'm finding for you on these cases.” Not in those exact words.

But my point is, Kavanaugh cannot buy them off with judicial rulings they support. Can't happen. Now, you might be saying, "Rush, that's crazy. I mean, why would --" Because Kavanaugh is a Trump nominee. As such, he is forever disqualified. He is forever unfit. Anything having to do with Trump, Kavanaugh could become the biggest lib on that court and they are not gonna change trying to get rid of him. They're not gonna change lying about him being a sexual predator. He could become the biggest liberal.

Now, some of you are saying, "Rush, that's just not true. They would welcome that. They would consider that a victory." No. Folks, if you don't understand this, you still don't understand them. Kavanaugh was appointed by Trump. Kavanaugh survived the effort to take him out like Trump has. That infuriates them. It makes them double down, triple down trying to get rid of him. The fact that he is tied to Trump means he's got to go.

There's not gonna be a moment's peace in his life. There isn't going to be any way he can buy them off. Every Republican needs to learn this. There is no way you can buy love from the media. There's no way you can make the media stop hating you if you're Republican, whether Trump's in the equation or not.

Can I give you an example on the reverse end of the scale? Look at the Never Trumpers. Never Trumpers, the conservative intellectuals of the conservative movement, the conservative intellectuals, the people that were the energy, the intellectual energy behind the entire conservative movement, the people that were telling everybody else what conservatism is, who conservatives are, how conservatives think on this and this and that and that.

Then Donald Trump gets the nomination and these people in the Never Trumpers hate Trump, don't want any part of Trump, they're thinking of voting for Hillary, some of them did, now they're thinking of voting for whoever the Democrats nominate. Yet virtually everything they support policy wise is being implemented, everything. And yet they still hate Trump. So it's a fact of Washington, not just of the Democrats here.

If common sense were a factor, these Never Trumpers would be saying, "You know what? We misjudged Trump. The guy is implementing stuff that we've devoted our lives to." That'd be the mature, smart thing to do. They can't bring themselves to because they hate the guy personally. They're jealous, they're envious. They've been working their whole lives to get this stuff implemented, none of it has been to speak of.

Trump comes along in two and a half years, gets 90% of what they believe in implemented, thereby demonstrating how irrelevant they've actually been. Oh, they can't have this, they can't put up with that.

So if the Never Trumper conservatives cannot even be happy with the things they love and appreciate actually being implemented, if they’re still gonna hate on Trump, I guarantee you Brett Kavanaugh cannot win them over by finding in the most liberal way every decision that comes before him. They're still gonna not stop until they have destroyed him.


RUSH: This is Page in Philadelphia. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Should I just go and tell you what happened to my son today at Temple University?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Okay. He was in a class called The Common Good where the teacher asked a question to them whether rape has changed since the 1800s, to which my son texted me that everyone basically in unison said, “Yes.” And she replied, “Well, Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, so has it really changed?”

And she continued trashing men in general for several minutes, making fun of them about being falsely accused of rape. So I quickly filed a complaint with the university and I hope that while she has the freedom of speech, that we don't want to pay for that in our education system, especially in college to have them brainwashed.

RUSH: Okay. I'm not sure. Did you say this is at Temple?


RUSH: Okay. I'm not sure what she means by has rape changed since the 1800s. What does that mean, has raped changed? What does that mean?

CALLER: I imagine maybe the impression of whether a rape has actually occurred versus it being interpreted as a rape or just the publication of someone being raped or not, would be my guess. My son would have to answer that.

RUSH: But her point is that since Kavanaugh got away with it, rape hasn't changed? Is that her point?

CALLER: Yes, exactly.

RUSH: So she's essentially saying the #MeToo movement has not made any ground, that rapists still get away with it?

CALLER: Exactly, and that you can get on the Supreme Court and still be a rapist according to her.

RUSH: Okay. Look. I like to understand everything I'm hearing. I understand that's the hook, that we have a college professor who ought to know, she's a teacher, she ought to know that Brett Kavanaugh didn't rape anybody. She ought to know that there's no evidence that Brett Kavanaugh has ever raped anybody.

I don't even think -- was rape the allegation against him? It was an unwanted sexual advance, but here's this teacher at Temple University, which is not an insignificant University, running around saying to her classroom, "Hey, you know, men still run this world. Nothing's changed. Men were raping and pillaging back in the 1800s, and they're still raping and pillaging, and they can still end up on the Supreme Court."

I understand your point. It is the height of irresponsibility. But again, folks, she's not a teacher! She is a left-wing activist! They have corrupted education. They've corrupted journalism. They corrupt everything they touch. They're corrupting the NFL. They're corrupting you name it, Hollywood. It's corrupted.

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