#CCDecision17: Meet Your Candidate - Mark Di Carlo

Why Do you want to Run for Mayor?

1. Corpus Christi needs open and transparent government so citizens can make accurate decisions on who to elect and what proposals to vote for. This can be done by the expansion of the budget to include information such as pay of major city employees or all city employees; reasonably providing information that can be provided by open records requests; and an open and fair bidding procedure for businesses to do business with the city.

2. The roads and water supply should improve markedly once the citizens have access to honest and open information about how much money the city has, what improvements will actually cost, what the problems with the water supply actually are, etc. Roads and water problems will also be alleviated by stopping annexation.

3. Open and transparent government and the improvement in the roads and water supply should improve the atmosphere for small business development, who provide most of the jobs, but whose need are primarily ignored by the city. I expect open government and debate to successfully bring back UBER, a necessary service. The cities priorities on only what they

term as “top ten employers” is harming the city and employment, as small business needs are ignored.

A favorite Corpus Christi memory?

Bob Dylan – Willie Nelson – John Mellencamp - Concert

What is your favorite taco?

Chorizo a la Mexicana

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