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Tom is a nationally-known firearms expert, author and television host. His entire life has prepared him to be the host of Gun Talk. He has been shooting since the age of 6, and at 13 he was taking photographs for the best selling book The Complete Book of Bass Fishing, written by his father, Grits Gresham. Tom was co-author, with his famous father, of a syndicated newspaper column. Click here for more information on Gun Talk.

He Stopped A Mass Shooting With His AR-15; Gun Owners "Just Say No" To The ATF; Being Safe Is Different From Feeling Safe: Gun Talk Radio | 06.04..23 Hour 1

Saved Because He Watched Gun Talk Videos; A Hard Look At School Security; Shoot Or Save Collector Guns: Gun Talk Radio | 06.04.23 Hour 2

In This Hour:

-- "Zack" watched the Gun Talk Media video series "First Person Defender" for years.  Recently he used what he had learned for foil an attack.

-- Security and protection expert Wayne Black announces his new book on school security and what parents need to know and do.

--  Should you shoot or save a "collector" gun?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  06.04.23  Hour 2

Courts Block Ban On Pistol Braces; Are Gun Prices Dropping?; Learn To Shoot Every Gun You Can: Gun Talk Radio | 06.04.23 Hour 3

In This Hour:

-- Three court decisions block the ATF ban on pistol braces, but only for select individuals.  Adam Kraut, from the Second Amendment Foundation, explains what that means.

--  It appears that gun prices are falling a bit.  Might be just a summer sale, but it's time to be buying.

--  Get your friends to bring a bunch of their guns to the range.  Then swap out and try them all.  You never know what gun may become available in a fight, and you need to know how to operate whatever is there.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 06.04.23  Hour 3

Can You Shoot In Defense Against An Unarmed Crowd?; Concealed Carry Insurance Review; Shopping For Ammunition : Gun Talk Radio | 06.04.23 After Show

In This Hour:

--  Is it legally justifiable to shoot in self defense against an unarmed crowd?

--  Should you buy concealed carry insurance?

--  What's going on with ammunition prices?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk    06.04.23  After Show

Bird Boys, Clickers & Stag Arms | Gun Talk Nation

Gun Talk Nation’s Ryan Gresham and Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin are joined by Ryan Donahue from Stag Arms. The trio are on the set of Guns & Gear Season 15, (coming soon!), and swapping stories from an Argentina dove hunt, discussing new products from Stag Arms and sharing a lot of laughs.

Be sure to check out Stag’s new Spectrm Series Rifles here:

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Gun Talk Nation 06.02.23

Ruger's New 9mm Pistol; Second Amendment Wins For Knives; Court Blocks Pistol Brace: Gun Talk Radio | 05.28.23 Hour 1


In This Hour:

-- Mark Gurney details new guns from Ruger, including the 9mm PC Charger.

-- Doug Ritter announces successes in the courts and legislatures for Knife Rights.

--  The Biden-ATF ban on pistol braces gets stopped in two courts, but with an interesting twist.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  05.28.23  Hour 1


New Guns From Smith & Wesson; The Most Critical Part Of An AR-15; Win Second Amendment Debates With Story Telling: Gun Talk Radio | 05.28.23 Hour 2

In This Hour:

-- Corey Beaudrea reveals the latest release from Smith & Wesson, and dodges questions about what Tom wants to see next.

-- What's a BCG? A Bolt Carrier Group? The most important part of an AR-15, and what are the differences in them.  Brownells' Caleb Savant explains all.

-- Winning the Second Amendment debate with story telling.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  05.28.23  Hour 2

New Folding AR-15 From Springfield Armory; Build A Better Range Bag: Gun Talk Radio | 05.28.23 Hour 3

In This Hour:

-- World Champion competitive shooter Rob Leatham gives the secrets on shooting better and also reveals the new Springfield Armory Saint Victor AR-15 with a folding stock.

-- The secret of shooting better is that there are no secrets. 

--  What's in your range bag?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  05.28.23  Hour 3

How To Choose A Firearms Trainer; Recalibrating Your Safety Awareness; When It's Time To Fire Your Trainer: Gun Talk Radio | 05.28.23 After Show

In This Hour:

--  Watching First Person Defender to recalibrate your real world threat awareness.

--   How do you find and identify a good firearms trainer?

--   There are times when you need to fire your trainer and walk away from a firearms class.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk    05.28.23   After Show

‘Reign of Terror’ on Turkeys | Gun Talk Hunt

Our friend, and turkey hunter extraordinaire, Thomas Allen joins Gun Talk Hunt’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin to catch up on the waning days of turkey season throughout the US. Thomas has had a very successful season, and KJ…maybe not so much.

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Gun Talk Hunt 05.27.23