State-mandated murder: This is what ‘death panels’ look like

State-mandated murder. That’s the only way to describe what the United Kingdom is doing to poor little Alfie Evans, the 23-month-old boy who is defying his doctors AND his government by doing what NONE OF THEM thought was possible… staying alive.

Whatever you’re doing right now, I want you to stop and say a prayer if you’re able. God is powerful and active in our lives, and Alfie Evans is living proof. Listen to what has been going on just in the past 48 hours.

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A little over a day and a half ago, the UK court system ordered that Alfie could no longer receive medical care and that he be taken off life support. His parents watched in horror as they disconnected their son’s breathing tube AND THEN denied him food and water. Basically doing everything in their power to make sure they killed this baby.

The doctors predicted Alfie would die within minutes. Half an hour went by, then a full hour, then another hour and another and another. A miracle was happening. Alfie Evans was breathing on his own! His parents were ecstatic.

The doctors were “gobsmacked.” They couldn’t explain what they were seeing, but despite all that, it STILL took SIX WHOLE HOURS for Alfie’s parents to convince his doctors to give him some water. SIX HOURS to give a baby the relief of drinking a little WATER!

Alfie’s parents were granted an emergency hearing. The situation had obviously changed. The Italian Government had granted Alfie full citizenship and offered to take over medical care. An air transport was sitting at the hospital waiting for the word to fly him and his parents to a Vatican hospital. Everything was ready.

“The judge doubled down and denied Alfie’s transport to Italy.”

It all hinged on the emergency hearing. The decision came down yesterday afternoon. The judge doubled down and denied Alfie’s transport to Italy. The United Kingdom would continue to try and kill this child.

This is state-mandated murder. There’s just no other way to describe it. Alfie has already showed that a miracle is possible, and his parents CLEARLY want their son to live. They’re now having to resort to giving Alfie MOUTH TO MOUTH because the hospital won’t give him oxygen. And this isn’t a case of a hospital bypassing a parent’s wishes to do a medical procedure that would ensure survival. This is a case of a hospital bypassing a parent’s wishes — TO ENSURE DEATH!

This is incomprehensible. If THEY don’t want to be responsible for Alfie’s care, fine. But why legally block his care from somewhere else? I’ll tell you why, and it’s the same reason the UK government recently jailed a man for flipping off a traffic camera. To show their people that:



There’s absolutely NO REASON to deny a baby its God-given right to live, and his parents’ right to decide what’s in their OWN SON’s best interest.

The UKIP party made a statement today that summed this all up pretty perfectly. They said that this decision was a “gateway to totalitarianism.” I’d argue that the adoption of single-payer healthcare was the ACTUAL gateway.

“Please pray for a miracle.”

This is merely an example of what’s possible under that system. A totalitarian government is willing to do anything to PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE. They’ll put you in jail for carrying a screwdriver, fine and jail you for making a Facebook post, brag about catching you for flipping off a traffic camera… and EVEN EUTHANIZE A HELPLESS CHILD.

As of right now, little Alfie is still fighting for his life. He’s denying his government and his doctors. Please pray for a miracle.

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