Study shows most Americans believe in God — until you dig a little deeper

Most Americans still believe in God. Sort of. 80 percent, according to the latest report released yesterday by the Pew Research Center. But within that 80 percent, Americans differ — a lot — on exactly what they mean by belief in God.

Americans’ view of God and how he operates in the world varies depending on gender, race and political party.

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According to the Pew report, 10 percent of Americans (more than ever before) are atheist. An additional 33 percetn don’t believe in God, but do believe in some other higher power or spiritual force. No word on how much of that 33 percent is made up of Star Wars fans who believe in the Force. Although after The Last Jedi, those numbers have to be way down.

The remaining 57 percent of Americans believe in God as described in the Bible, but even that number is quite fragmented among Protestants, Catholics and Jews.

How many believe God is all-knowing, all-powerful and loves people regardless of their faults? 33 percent of Jews, 61 percent of Catholics, and 87 percent of Evangelicals.

61 percent of women believe in a biblical God, versus 50 percent of men. According to Pew, “more women than men see God at work in all or most of what happens in their lives.” Hmm, and women generally live longer too.

Of those who lean Republican, 70 percent believe in a biblical God, versus 45 percent of those who lean Democrat.

21 percent of white Democrats are atheist, more than the percentage of atheists among non-white Democrats and all Republicans combined.

“Few things make progressives squirm more than the thought of belief in God informing the way someone lives their life.”

It’s telling that such a sizable percentage of Democrats don’t believe in a biblical God — 55 percent, according to Pew. That’s not to disparage their choice. Fortunately, we’re still free to make up our own minds about God. But the lack of a moral anchor, traditionally founded in biblical principles, will affect your policy choices.

Few things make progressives squirm more than the thought of belief in God informing the way someone lives their life, much less influencing how they vote — or even worse, influencing policy in any way.

But whether the Left likes it or not, belief in a God — particularly the Judeo/Christian God as revealed in the Bible — is essential for peaceful, civil society, for life and for freedom.

And the more those on the Left distance themselves from American believers, especially within their own party, the faster they’ll bring about the demise of their own side.

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