Alder Hey: The little hospital of horrors

What’s the measure of human life? This should be a no-brainer — a gimme — but with the way we’ve become so desensitized to the sanctity of human life, does anyone even know anymore? Since 2009, the United States has been averaging over SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND abortions per year.

We’re only 4 months into this year and we’ve already killed 298,000 babies. Just this morning, over 700 abortions have been committed. Think about those numbers, and then try and answer whether our country values human life.

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We’d better decide this RIGHT NOW, because what we’re seeing in the UK with Alfie Evans, might one day become our reality. Democrats are poised to make big gains over the next two years, and they’ve already signaled that single-payer health care will be their top ticket item. The NHS in the UK is considered by progressives as the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to single payer systems.

If you wanna know what they want for us, all you have to do is look across the Atlantic. Look at what they’re doing over there. They’re murdering a small baby! Alder Hey Hospital is not only denying Alfie medical care, they won’t even let his parents take him home to die. They’re now saying that unless his parents have a “sea change in attitude,” they won’t allow Alfie to go home. Are you kidding me?!

“Their son is dying, the state is killing Alfie — and they expect his parents to have a good attitude?”

Their son is dying, the state is killing Alfie — and they expect his parents to have a good attitude?

It turns out, Alder Hey Hospital has a long history of treating their patients as little more than cattle. In 1998, a heart specialist at Alder Hey accidentally revealed during an inquiry that the hospital was storing — in bulk — children’s organs. With no consent from the parents, Alder Hey Hospital was harvesting the organs from dead babies.

They were also caught selling human tissue to pharmaceutical companies in exchange for cash donations, but what they didn’t sell, they stockpiled. Alder Hey had 2,080 children’s hearts, over 800 other organs, and 400 full fetuses. A pathologist at Alder Hey was even accused of keeping the head of a baby stored in a jar. NONE of this was done with parental consent.

When this story came out in 2001, distraught parents begged for their babies’ organs to be turned over to them. Many of them held second funerals. One woman had to bury her baby’s heart, lungs and esophagus.

“This is what you get when the state controls healthcare.”

This is what you get when the state controls healthcare. This is just evil. How long does it take for the state to see its people, not as human beings, but as resources? As livestock? This is what progressives want FOR US. Get ready, because the debate for single-payer healthcare is going to heat up over the next 24 months.

When the debate begins, you’d better believe they won’t mention the story of Alder Hey Hospital or Alfie Evans. We’re going to have to do it for them.

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