Doctor Seen Dancing, Singing During Surgery Fights for Medical License


Getting down while getting surgery doesn't sound like something that would be approved by the American Medical Association and it seems like one Georgia doctor has had to learn that the hard way. Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte had her medical license suspended this month after she was accused of filming music videos during surgeries without the patient's consent. 

Davis-Boutte told ABC News in an interview that she was "safe" while filming and that the patients who appeared in her videos, had agreed to participate and knew ahead of time what was happening. 

“The videos were pre-consented, staged, and done at a safe interval,” Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte said. “Many, most of them [were recorded] after the fact, during recovery, which was planned by me and the patient. So I would like everyone to understand that.”

The George state-medical board suspended Davis-Boutte's license earlier this month after multiple videos of the doctor and her staff singing and dancing while she was operating on patients, surfaced online in videos posted to YouTube. 

The state medical board suspended her license citing the board-certified dermatologist's actions as a "threat to public health, safety and welfare," according to WSB-TV. Dermatologists in Georgia are allowed to perform surgeries in an office-based setting. 

Several patients have sued Davis-Boutte alleging that their liposuctions and lifts had gone terribly wrong. 


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