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Davidson Capital Management, Inc. is a family owned and operated, Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Adviser established in 1989 to provide comprehensive investment management services for individual investors, families, foundations, endowments, pension and profit sharing plans, and 401(k)s.

By utilizing over 66 years of combined investment management experience we create an investment portfolio tailored to each client’s specific investment needs and goals. We believe there are three key foundations to financial success and security for all investors. These key foundations are building of wealth, protection of wealth, and withdrawing of wealth. We feel that it is imperative to educate every client about the importance of these key foundations in order for them to feel secure, focused, and in control of their financial future. Our investment management process focuses on these key foundations to generate long term portfolio success. Each one of our investment programs is tailored to meet the specific investment needs of each client in terms of risk tolerance, risk capacity, expected rate of return, and income requirements, while still focusing on the three key foundations.

We also believe that all investors deserve accountability and respect, along with the opportunity to work with an independent investment adviser. Due to this belief, we have created two distinct investment programs designed to meet the needs of investors of all asset sizes.

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Client Contacts:

 W. Jeffrey Davidson

J. Kyle Davidson

 Joe C. Rust Jr.

Davidson Capital Management, Inc. 

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Phone: (361) 906-0070


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