Severe Weather in Central U.S. Spawns Tornados in Nebraska, Kansas

severe weather across midwest spawns tornados

A slow-moving line of severe weather spawned at least three tornadoes in West Texas and Oklahoma Saturday, with one of the twisters damaging a high school near Fort Worth, authorities said.

The first twister touched down just outside Ballinger, Texas, damaging a baseball stadium and destroying one home, injuring at least one person, the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration Service Storm Prediction Center said. The tornado passed through the area, damaging a country club and high school as it tore down trees and power lines.

Another tornado was spotted touching down in Silver Valley, Texas. No injuries were reported, but a church roof was damaged.

A third twister touched down in Comanche, Oklahoma, 90 miles south of Oklahoma City. Several homes were damaged, but no injuries were reported as a result of that storm.

Over 30 preliminary tornado reports in Nebraska and Kansas on Friday and Friday evening came into the SPC said.

"The potential for significant severe wind gusts will exist as storms merge into a fast-moving line," the Storm Prediction Center warned.

The multi-day storm forecast for the region anticipated a high potential for tornado outbreaks around the Texas-Oklahoma area. Another storm is forecast to hit the region again on Monday and Tuesday. The severe weather first got underway on Thursday as storms rolled across Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. Gusts of up to 86 mph were recorded in Washington, Iowa, according to the National Weather Service.

The SPC said the area is in for some severe weather through Tuesday at least.