Oklahoma Man Shocked To Find Snake Crawling Into His Dryer

An Oklahoma man couldn't believe his eyes as he watched a massive seven-foot-long snake slither its way into his house.

"It went from the gate, all the way through the A/C unit and we saw it up in the dryer vent, going inside," Wayne Melvin told KFOR.

Melvin knew he had to get the snake out of his home, so he went inside and began to take his dryer apart. As he was working, he noticed the snake changed its mind and had started to turn around to go back outside.

"We gave it a little bit of time to come out naturally instead of hurting or killing it," Melvin said.

Once the snake made its way back outside, Melvin picked it up and brought it to a nearby creek.

Melvin says that while he is not a stranger to seeing snakes, it was odd to see one so close to his home.

"It scared me," Melvin said. "It was definitely a different location. Normally you find them hidden in very obvious locations. Not your dryer vent."