Carnival Cruise Ship Rescues Man From Sinking Boat Near Mexico

Carnival Cruise Lines new cruise ship, the MS Para

A man whose small boat was in danger of sinking had a Carnival Paradise cruise ship come to his rescue off the coast near Cozumel, Mexico last week, according to a statement from the cruise line company.

Carnival Paradise was on a four-day cruise to Cozumel that departed on Thursday, when they received a distress call from a sailor who reported his boat was taking on water. The cruise ship reversed course and activated its rescue procedures which included launching a lifeboat to help save the Mexican national.

"While en route back to its homeport of Tampa, Carnival Paradise was alerted of a small craft in distress with one person in the water while the ship was 13 miles north of Cozumel," according to a statement from the cruise line company. "Carnival Paradise reversed course, lowered a rescue boat, brought the mariner onboard and provided food, water and medical treatment."

The sailor was brought on board the Carnival Paradise where he was provided food, water and medical treatment.

"Carnival Paradise personnel coordinated with Mexican authorities to transfer the mariner, a Mexican national, to a ferry boat and take him ashore. He was in good condition," the cruise line company added.

A passenger on board tweeted a photo of the rescue raft being used for the mission.

The 855-foot long cruise ship had just departed from Cozumel, Mexico while en route back to its home port. Carnival Paradise is capable of hosting up to 2,124 guests and 920 crew members according to Carnival's website.

The cruise ship made it to Tampa Tuesday morning.

Photo: Getty Images