College Professor, Uber Driver Accused Of Kidnapping Multiple Women

A college professor has been accused of kidnapping three women in one night around Pittsburgh while working as an Uber driver. Richard Lomotey was initially arrested on May 11 after police say he picked up two women but ignored the GPS before locking the doors and pulling over.

He told them they "going anywhere" and the women believed his intetion was to sexually assault them.

The two women managed to unlock the doors and jumped from the vehicle. They filed a complaint with Uber and the police and showed them his photo and license plate from the Uber app.

Five days later, a third woman contacted authorities and told them the Lomotey had also attempted to kidnap her that same night. She said that she had not requested a cab with Uber, but saw the logo in his car and offered him $10 to drive her home.

She told investigators that he kept locking the doors every time she tried to exit the vehicle. The two got into a physical altercation, and Lomotey ripped her shirt and bra during the fight. The woman managed to open the door and jumped out of the moving vehicle. She also suffered bruises to her knee and shoulder.

Lomotey was arrested again on Monday (May 20) and charged with kidnapping, unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment, and simple assault. He was fired from his job at Penn State and had his access to campus revoked as a result of the accusations.