Bus Driver Evacuates Students From Bus Moments Before It Burst Into Flames

A school bus driver is being praised for safely evacuating four students from the bus moments before it caught on fire. The driver was transporting four students from Mount Saint Charles Academy in Rhode Island when the temperature inside the bus began to rise.

The driver pulled over and helped get the kids off the bus as the engine began to smoke and leak flaming drops of oil.

"We heard this weird buzzing noise, and it starts getting a little bit hotter," freshman Jonathan Thibodeau told WBZ. "At first it was oil dripping from the engine that was catching on fire immediately on the ground. Then the actual engine started to burst into flames."

Luckily, nobody was hurt, and two of the students were picked up at the scene by their parents. The other two students were taken to the police station until their parents arrived.

"The fact he [the Valley Transport driver] pulled over where he did; it's amazing he made that decision. I'm so grateful to him," Thibodeau's mother Jackie said.

Officials are working to determine what caused the engine to catch on fire, which caused significant damage to the interior of the bus.