Stan Lee's Former Manager, Keya Morgan, Arrested on Elder Abuse Charges

Fomer Stan Lee Manager arrested in Arizona

The former manager for Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee was arrested in Arizona on Saturday after police issued a warrant for alleged elder abuse, false imprisonment, and grand theft, police said.

Keya Morgan, 43, was arrested by police north of Phoenix, according to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department. Authorities from Phoenix and Scottsdale participated in the arrest together.

"Morgan will go before a judge and eventually extradited to Los Angeles to face charges," the statement reads.

The case against Morgan began last year after the City Attorney's office filed misdemeanor counts against the 43-year-old last year for falsely reporting an emergency, falsely reporting a crime as well as for a probation violation.

Court papers say law enforcement officials and officials with Adult Protective Services went to Lee's home in May 2018 to perform a "welfare check" on Lee. Morgan allegedly came to the home while Lee was being interviewed and attempted to intervene, but security guards wouldn't allow him on the property.

Morgan then proceeded to make “a false 911 call, claiming that there were three unidentified burglary suspects in his friend's home who had locked everyone out of the house."

Later that same day, Morgan called police again, this time to accuse the security guard of assaulting him and Lee with a deadly weapon, court documents state.

The former manager for the Mavel Comics legend was arrested on June 11, 2018, for allegedly making several false 911 calls to "further deceive Lee into believing he was in danger and needed to be moved from his home to a more secured condominum where Morgan had more control over Lee," police said.

Morgan was released the same day on $20,000 bond, according to inmate records from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

"The method of operation of financial-abuse opportunists is gaining the trust of the elder in hopes for the what may be a big pay-off in the long-run, or what is phrased as the 'the long con,' the LAPD said in its statement.

Police cited one such incident in which Morgan was involved in an autograph session with Lee that netted more than $262,000. Lee never saw any of that money, police said.

Morgan's bail has been set at $300,000, police said.

Lee was the creator and co-creator of some of the biggest names in comic books, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. The Marvel Comics legend passed away at his home in Los Angeles on Nov. 12 at the age of 95.

Photo: Getty Images