Nearly 200 Dogs Rescued From Squalid Home in New Jersey

hundreds of dogs rescued from squalid conditions at home in New Jersey.

Officials in New Jersey say nearly 200 dogs have been rescued from a hoarding situation at a New Jersey suburban home, with at least 20 dogs found dead there.

According to the Monmouth SPCA, the organization was called out to the undisclosed location in Hunterdon County, New Jersey on Tuesday where they discovered hundreds of dogs being kept in cramped and squalid conditions. The home belonged to a prominent breeder whose dogs have won 'Best in Breed' awards from the Westminster Kennel Club in the past. Many of the dogs found at the home were sick, with some pregnant. The rescued breeds included mostly terriers and dachshunds.

"All of these dogs seem to have had limited human contact and minimal to no veterinary care," the SPCA said in a Facebook post on Tuesday. "We will need your support to get them all vaccinated, de-wormed and microchipped along with any other additional medical care they'll need in the future including spay/neuter surgeries. Some of the dogs are pregnant and have masses and infections so will most definitely need extra care."

Photos of the dogs showed the animals completely emaciated, with matted hair, cataracts and a variety of other health problems. The MCSPCA is asking for donations to help them care for the seized animals. As of Wednesday morning, the fundraiser by the SPCA had brought in more than $13,000.

Due to the poor health conditions of the animals, the MCSPCA said it would be at least a week before any of the animals would be available for adoption.