Texas Law Says Towns Can't Shut Down Lemonade Stands Run By Kids

Kids in Texas no longer have to fear local police officers shutting down their lemonade stands thanks to a new law signed by Governor Greg Abbott. He posted a video on Twitter of him signing the bill into law.

"Here's a common sense law. It allows kids to sell lemonade at lemonade stands. We had to pass it because police shut down a lemonade stand here in Texas. So kids... cheers," Abbott said while picking up a tall glass of lemonade.

The bill was introduced to by state Rep. Matt Krause who says the inspiration for the new law was a 2015 incident in which police in the town of Overton shut down a lemonade stand being run by two young girls who were trying to raise money to take their dad to a water park for Father's Day. Officials told them they needed a $150 permit in order to sell lemonade on their front lawn, which was more money than the $100 they had hoped to raise.

The new law will allow children to run a lemonade stand on both private and public property without a permit or fear that local officials will make them pack up and go home.

The law will take effect on September 1st.

Photo: Getty Images