One Florida County Reports 1/3 Of Coronavirus Tests Have Come Back Positive

The number of new coronavirus cases continues to climb as the United States set a single-day record for the number of new cases with 63,247 on Thursday (July 9). Thirty-three states have seen the number of cases increase over the past week, forcing some states to roll back their plans to reopen.

Florida continues to be one of the new epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic as one county reported that more than 1/3 of COVID-19 tests came back positive. Data compiled by health officials in Miami-Dade County showed that there were nearly 2,000 new cases in the county on Thursday and that 33.5% of the tests conducted came back positive. The average age of infected patients is 43.

The county has tested more than 389,000 people and has reported an overall positivity rate of 14.4%. Florida has conducted a total of 2.4 million coronavirus tests throughout the state and reported a positivity rate of 10.1%.

As the number of new cases continues to climb, hospitals in the county are starting to reach their maximum capacity. Officials with Memorial Healthcare System said that they are "actively extending capacity" as they try to handle the influx of new cases.

"Hospital capacity numbers provided by the state show standard capacity. However, these are not standard times. The second COVID-19 surge is considerably higher and steeper than the first," the news release read. "We are seeing double the amount of patients who are just as sick and in need of our care, causing a high demand in our emergency departments and ICUs."

Photo: Getty Images