Police Chief Fired After Mayor Smelled Marijuana Inside His Office

Detective office interior with evidence board on wall

Photo: Liudmila Chernetska / iStock / Getty Images

An Ohio police chief was fired after the mayor of New Miami Village accused him of numerous violations. Mayor Jewell Hayes Hensley wrote a letter detailing the allegations against Chief Harold Webb, which included falsifying his time sheets and refusing to respond to 911 calls while on duty.

In the letter, Hensley wrote that she went to the police station with several members of the New Miami Village City Council to collect the daily logs and video evidence showing Webb was working.

"The first thing that came out of my mouth was who has been smoking weed in here. The smell of Marijuana could knock you off your feet," Hensley wrote, noting that the department did smell like that when she visited earlier in the evening.

After the incident, Hensley ordered Webb to take a drug test. While he initially agreed to provide a urine sample, he refused after being told a nurse had to monitor the test.

"It had to be witnessed due to that fact the Mr. Webb is the Chief of police and should know every trick under the sun to use someone else's urine if he were to be dirty," Hensley explained.

Webb then told Hensley he would resign but later changed his mind and asked if he could retire instead.

Hensley refused to let him retire and brought the issue to the city council, which voted unanimously to terminate Webb.

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