Disney Selling Galactic Cheesecake & It's Out Of This World Gorgeous

Disneyland is filled with amazing treats all of which are EXTREMELY delicious. This time around behold... the Galactic Parfait.

This treat was spotted at Disneyland by Instagrammer Disney Food Blog and it's probably the most beautiful treat we've seen. It's made up of layers of chocolate cake, blue cheesecake, and purple mousse with raspberry marmalade!

According to Delish,

DisneyFood Blog said that while the treat is a touch sweet, that sweetness is cut down when the marmalade gets involved. They really liked it! But they did warn that you would be wearing that edible glitter for a long time...which sounds great to me!

Head to the Galactic Grill near the Jedi Training Academy show. No word on how much it costs but either way I'm buying it!

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