Video: Slovenian Man Unveils DIY 'Time Machine'

Upping the ante in the ongoing saga of alleged whistle-blowing time travelers is a new video in which a man claims to have built his own time machine.

In the customarily ambiguous footage, the purported time traveler, who  allegedly hails from Slovenia and uses the name 'David,' reveals the  'device' and weaves a truly fantastic origin story for it.

According to his story, David spent eight years traveling the world in  search of someone who either had a time machine or could build one.

And, as luck would have it, he happened upon just such a man when he  ventured to France and met a person bearing the eyebrow-raising name  'Jack Lion Cousteau.'

This mysterious individual regaled David with tales of his time  traveling exploits and, eventually, gave him some insights into how he  built his machine.

Read the rest of David's story, including one potential detail from his tale that seems to suggest he may be a real time traveler, at the Coast to Coast AM website.