This Week's Weird News

Another remarkable revelation concerning UFOs from the Pentagon, a bizarre form of 'monster bait' being used at Loch Ness, and a huge gold nugget worth a small fortune that was discovered by a man in Australia were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this past week.

The latest development in the quest to get answers about UFOs from the government saw a rather remarkable turn of events week when the Pentagon conceded that they do, indeed, have an interest in 'unidentified aerial phenomena.' Although this has been largely assumed by UFO researchers for years and past government programs looking into the enigma are known to have existed, the confirmation from the DoD that they have investigated the phenomenon in recent years was heralded by many as another sign that the 'powers that be' could be gearing up to finally shares some answers about the topic.

This past week featured tales of treasures both discovered and yet to be found. First, an Australian man armed with a metal detector unearthed a massive gold nugget weighing a whopping three pounds and worth nearly $70,000. Meanwhile, a company in Canada launched an ambitious treasure hunt in which three cases worth $100,000 dollars have been hidden in three of the country's major cities. Starting on June 1st, Canadian residents hoping to find the riches can purchase sets of clues from the group which, if solved, point in the direction of the treasure.

Mysterious sea creatures popped up in the news this past week in a pair of decidedly different stories. First, it came to light that German tourists visiting Loch Ness have taken to tossing candy into the water to entice the legendary 'monster' said to reside there. The source for this strange behavior? A TV commercial from their home country. Meanwhile, on our side of the Atlantic, a Canadian woman walking along the shore of Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada captured footage of an odd anomaly emerging from the water that may have been 'Shuswaggi,' a fairly obscure aquatic cryptid that some believe lives in the area.

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