UFO Group Rents Billboard in Montana

Motorists cruising down the highway in Montana are being asked to contemplate the implications of UFO disclosure by way of a new billboard ad that appeared last week. The signage, which is reportedly located near the city of Helena and is expected to be spotted by a whopping 46,000 drivers a month, features a still from the much-discussed Tic Tac UFO video with Navy commander David Fravor's quote "...something not from this world" alongside the image.

In addition to that eye-catching combination, the words "UFO Disclosure is in Progress" are emblazoned on the ad as well as the suggestion that drivers "get ready" and "get informed." The billboard also directs observers to the website for the Jesse A. Marcel Library, a UFO information center and meeting place located in nearby Montana City. Library founder Dr. Richard O'Connor conceived of the billboard rental which cost $2,500 and lasts for six months.

More on this odd story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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