Pair of Mystery Booms Heard in Arizona

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A mystery boom heard in Arizona over the weekend was seemingly sufficiently explained until yet another blast rocked the region a few days later, leaving residents and authorities flummoxed. The curious case reportedly began this past Sunday morning when several people in the state's Yavapai County reported hearing a thunderous sound that raised concerns among many witnesses. "It was so shocking, so loud I started scanning the horizon and looking for a mushroom cloud," recalled Bruce Bilbrey, "I thought some kind of a massive bomb or something had gone off."

As is often the case with such mystery booms, local police departments were quickly flooded with phone calls from worried citizens wondering what could have caused the enormous blast. An initial investigation failed to yield an answer to the mystery as neither the FAA nor a local Air Force base knew of anything under their jurisdiction which could have created the sound. Within a few hours, it was ultimately determined that the blast likely came from a meteor entering the atmosphere.

This theory was bolstered by a piece of footage captured by a local planetary scientist Robert Ward who heard the sound and recognized it as a meteor. He subsequently ran outside, looked in the sky, and spotted the telltale sign of such an event, which is a lingering smoke-like effect known as a 'persistent train.' Thanks to Ward's video and observation, the mystery boom was attributed to a meteor. While that would seem to have closed the case, things took a strange turn when yet another thunderous blast shook the county.

More on this weird story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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