Australia's Former PM Reveals Suspected Cause of MH370 Disappearance

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The former prime minister of Australia, who served during the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370 back in 2014, claims that the Malaysian government told him that they strongly suspected it was a murder-suicide perpetrated by the pilot of the airliner. Tony Abbott reportedly made the explosive revelation during an interview for a documentary about the case which is scheduled to air later this week. In speaking with the filmmakers behind the project, the politician left little doubt as to what he had been told by Malaysian officials.

"My understanding, my very clear understanding, from the very top levels of the Malaysian government," Abbott said, "is that from very, very early on, they thought it was a murder-suicide by the pilot." Although he was unwilling to specifically say "who said what to whom," the former prime minister stressed that "I want to be absolutely crystal clear" and strongly reiterated his assertion that "it was understood at the highest levels that this was almost certainly murder-suicide by the pilot. A mass murder-suicide by the pilot."

More on this remarkable revelation at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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