Eric Church's iHeartCountry Album Release Party: How to Watch

Eric Church has officially kicked off his three-part project, Heart & Soul, by releasing the first part, Heart. The second and third parts will follow next week, and the country star is celebrating during his exclusive iHeartCountry Album Release Party on 4/22.

Heart & Soul follow's Church's 2018 album Desperate Man, and consists of three parts: Heart (released on 4/16), & (released on 4/20), and Soul (released on 4/23). Church previously said of his new music, "We wrote and recorded 28 songs in 28 days. We secluded ourselves in the mountains of North Carolina, and I would get up in the morning and write a song, and we would record the song that night. And the thinking was, we would remove all the barriers of what people think, or a publisher thinks, or a label thinks. It was really letting creativity be creativity. And, some of my favorite records from the 70s and 80s were done that way. So we tried to go back and let creativity reign, and it is unequivocally my favorite music we've done."

During his iHeartCountry Album Release Party, Church will perform several songs from his new album, as well as listen along to the tracks with some lucky fans who will be joining him via Zoom. Eric will also open up about Heart & Soul and more during a Q&A with Bobby Bones.

How To Stream The Show

Fans can listen and tune in free for a stream of the exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Eric Church on Thursday, April 22nd at 7pm local time via or the LiveXLive app. Fans can also listen to the show via iHeartRadio's iHeartCountry Radio channel.

Get pumped for the exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Eric Church by listening to his Heart & Soul songs below.

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