Adulting School?

"Adulting. It was nominated as the word of the year by the American Dialect Society, a word coined by a generation that has been shielded from the worst of growing up by living in their parents’ homes, and shut out of the best of it by a society that forces them to stay there. Reminiscent of Alan Partridge’s seminal boast that he’s been “pubic for 31 years”, “adulting”, the verb, is most commonly used to gloat over achievements such as making a dentist appointment, or going to Tesco and buying more than just Frosties.The Adulting School’s first official session took place last week. During their early presentation, on time management, a number of 26-year-old attendees trickled in late. Reports from the summit make it sound not unlike an office party for dogs – participants waggily sniffing each other, being told when and where to sit. They’d been sent by their parents. There were cupcakes in the afternoon."---------However, in the light of current events, the subject is no longer so amusing. The more I look at the actions of anti-Trump demonstrators, and those throwing their weight around to suppress free speech by anyone except those of whom they approve - typified by the riots in Berkeley, CA last weekend - the more I'm reminded of little children having a temper tantrum and throwing toys........This sentence is the first thing that caught my eye......"I have just turned 36 and still can’t drive, and though I often contemplate learning.............." OMG, 36?

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