Who does Audi Think Buys their Cars?

Last night I saw an ad for Audi that had run during the Super Bowl, I had forgotten about it....and how wrong it was.It was based was based on the long ago discredited claim that women are systematically paid less for doing the same work as men. It’s one of those times when the PC proselytizing is actually worse than what you expected. Why?

Because the smug radiates from the screen like a bad odor. Who does Audi think buys their cars?

It’s not hard to imagine the room where this ad was screened for the executives at Audi USA. Men and women in snappy business suits talked about how to target the professional female car buyer. Maybe they had data showing that Audi lags in this segment compared to its competitors. Everyone watched the ad, nodded in agreement, felt brave and wonderful and then agreed it should be the big ad for the big game. No one bothered to ask if Audi or the ad agency pays their females less than their males.Then again, maybe you saw it differently...