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Lago in The Morning 21 Feb

Former Councilman Chad Magill, Andy Taubman former street committee chairman with an item on today's City Council agenda, affordable housing infill. It's a great idea and what a savings for everyone. I saw this happen in the Bluff. Andy built a manufactured housing duplex, It took 6 weeks from concept to finished product and a week later both sides were rented. More on that just after

Shoreline Drive is still a hot topic in my mail box. The suggestions are almost mind boggling. "Put it back the way it was!" Really?Here is an example:

Lago, e-mail: I have a simple cheap idea for restoring Shoreline. Use the existing roadways! Reopen the closed Northbound lanes and reconnect the south lanes which would result in lanes for south leaving the existing divider. Seems to me this could be done for thousands not millions. I agree with Joe McComb-nobody is satisfied with the current arrangement which is both inconvenient and dangerous. I recall this thing barely passed in year that all other bonds passed easily so they just pulled this along. If my memory is correct I think it was Loyd Neal that pushed for it.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on air or in person. Please leave my name out of any conversation about it. 


Why leave your name out? Is that a business decision? Are you timid? I mean it's not like you are saying you are going to start burning/fire bombing business downtown. It's just an opinion.

Would you be willing to vote on the realignment again? Isn't that ignoring the will of the people? I thought only Judges did that. We voted. It's done. Now, a mulligan, a redo? That makes me uncomfortable. I think it's wrong to keep doing something until you get the desired result. We lost. It's finished. I don't want to spend a penny on a do over. "It could be done for thousands not millions"I'd have to see that plan.

Would you be willing to pay the over?

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