The DOJ and the TC Ayers Pool

Yesterday, Councilman and Mayoral candidate, Joe Mccomb were talking about the action city council took to, as the Caller Times put it, "The Corpus Christi City Council debrudgingly approved spending more than $700,000. to repair the TC Ayers Pool. They did that to protect the progress of the Harbor Bridge. Lago, e-mail:

I think we, the citizens of Corpus Christi, should submit complaints concerning the 700,000 dollars they are requiring the city to spend on a pool that will be demolitioned in 90 days after the money is spent to fix the pool. Why not ask the DOJ to allow the city to use that 700,000 to repair the other public pools in the city that were closed last year like the Greenwood pool, etc thanks a very close warm personal friend...(yea that makes perfect sense but then it's the justice department)

.You see, TC Ayers Park is no longer a place where people congregate, or play midnight basketball in that huge covered basketball pavilion, or baseball, or swim, the pool has been closed for quite a few years. The people in the neighborhood even transitioned the park to a site to feed the homeless. The park would be made unusable by the New Harbor Bridge. The Department of Justice says fix it anyway. You fix it or we will fix it and send you the bill. Read that again. "We will fix it and send you the bill"......That my friend, is the pinnacle of arrogance. We will destroy that pool about 90 days after it is completed. Makes no sense......but then it's the Justice's an Oxymoron, justice means spend money you don't have.......which leads me to this...