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A Double Standard...

Toss a Bible in a toilet and you’d get a grant from the NEA ..........

Oh, my! But folks are all abuzz after several copies of the Koran were found dumped in a toilet on the Dallas campus of the University of Texas.“Shocking” and “unusual” they exclaimed.


If you dumped a Bible in the toilet, the National Endowment for the Arts would be tripping all over itself to give you a grant.Come on. You know I’m right.

The local NBC affiliate in Dallas immediately rushed out to interview Muslim students to hear just how upsetting this was.

“It’s definitely saddening and a little disturbing as well,” said Syed, who is the President of the UT Dallas Muslim Student Association. “It’s something that we do not expect to happen, especially at this campus.”

I know what you mean al Jelly Bean.

Compared to a few Korans in the toilet, that bombing at Coptic Christian churches in Egypt is a great big nothing-burger.

Of course the University is bending over backwards to take this matter “seriously and will continue to investigate.”


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