Machete vs Shotgun... and the Machete Wins!

Today's lesson: if you want to play the tough guy, make sure you don't take on a really tough guy!

A machete-wielding homeowner confronted three would-be robbers early Thursday morning [in Sarasota, FL], holding one of them for deputies and chasing the others off in a dramatic melee that was caught on surveillance video.

. . .

"The home’s surveillance video shows the hooded men burst onto the porch waving a shotgun, machete, and a crowbar. One of the residents disappears out of view, then returns waving his own machete as the suspects scramble. Before long, the suspects are scrambling over the fence as other residents and even a small dog chase them around.

The residents disarmed one of the suspects, later identified as Alen Beltran-Vazquez, and held him until deputies arrived. Deputies soon caught up with the two other would-be robbers in their suspected getaway car at a nearby gas station, along with two more suspects."

I don't know whether the shotgun was loaded or not, but the thug holding it certainly didn't use it to any worthwhile effect. I wonder if the cops and/or the court will let the homeowner keep it as a souvenir of the occasion?

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