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More Hillary Nonsense

Hillary Clinton wants Ivanka Trump held responsible.......for her fathers agenda. 

Hillary is in dire need of a psychiatrist. The fact that responsible fell out of her mouth in public, with cameras rolling, is astounding.To say she’s still having a very difficult time accepting it, is an understatement.She's not just breaking new ground in absurdities, she's discovered a new Universe.

 In an interview with CBS News’ “Sunday Morning” over the weekend, Clinton reiterated in a lightning round of excuses the reasons she believes she lost. And you know what? Her name is nowhere near the top...

Here is a running list of things Clinton has blamed her loss on:

Russian interference through either a disinformation campaign via WikiLeaks or Trump-Russia collusion. She’s also pointed blame at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Former FBI Director James Comey’s criminal investigation of her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

Poor voter data from the Democratic National Committee. Clinton has described it as “mediocre, “poor,” “nonexistent” and “wrong.”

Voter suppression and voter ID laws 



Barack Obama

Bernie Sanders and his supporters

Jill Stein

The mainstream media, specifically the New York Times for aggressively covering her email scandal

The Electoral College

Bad polling

People who assumed she would win

“Gullible Americans”

Fake News

Jim Lago ok I made that one up.

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